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Welcome to Holisteelik

Have you noticed that when you do something well – even exceptionally – that’s just what’s expected of you?

But when you make a mistake you’re required to reflect and ruminate on it?

Do you long to be at peace with all the parts of you – the perfect and the not so pretty?

Are you ready to find a new way of being yourself in the world?

Come and join me on the journey back to your true self

Does this sound like you?

Does the chaos of public service, the challenge of doing more and more with less and less leave you feeling like your sprinting just to stay in place?

Does self-care feel like another thing on the never-ending to-do list, that you probably won’t do right anyway?

Do you look around you and wonder how everyone else seems to be managing, while you feel like you can barely keep your head above water?

Do you dream of a life of rest and ease… or can you not even imagine what that might look like?

Do you go blank when people ask you what brings you joy, or flinch at the thought of expressing anything as positive as that. Is joy for other people?

Flippant unserious people, who you secretly envy. Wouldn’t it be nice to just….put all that heavy load down and be.

To know yourself, and trust yourself, and let go of the things that aren’t yours to carry?

To draw a line under your family’s unhelpful patterns and say ‘this far, and no farther’?

Modern Workspace
E-Book (coming soon)

How to survive working in the NHS

What I do

Online Course (coming soon)

Go at your own pace. 9 video lessons and an accompanying workbook
1-2-1 Coaching – £1999

Fully tailored 12 week programme of coaching. Over Zoom or in person if you’re local
What I do
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About Me

I’m Caroline. I’m a GP of 17 years, a doctor of 25. I’m a coach and speaker and hypnotherapist.

I grew up in a dysfunctional home with an alcoholic, narcissist, hoarding mother, and an absent father, studying was my escape route, and I escaped straight into the same chaotic dehumanising stress of the NHS!

I burned out in 2019, but returned to thrive in my job using the tools I want to pass on to you.

I am married and have two boys, to whom I have no intention of passing the family traumas and cycles I grew up with.

I believe we can, and must, change the paradigm.

About Me
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